True end-to-end testing from a single tool

UFT 將焦點放在於企業架構中提升您的端對端測試工作,而且支援幾乎所有大型軟體應用程式與環境,包括 SAP、Orcle、Salesforce、主要框架、內嵌框架、無介面瀏覽器等更多。將其與 Micro Focus ALM 結合,同時執行測試或於 UFT 中模仿使用者行動,作為 LoadRunner中的基本操作測試。於佈建的 Citrix、AWS 及 Azure 虛擬環境中部署 UFT,或從 Docker 容器中進行網頁與行動裝置測試。這真的擁有無限的可能性。

Instant mobile testing at your fingertips
Instant mobile testing at your fingertips

Tight integration with Mobile Center provides testers with the agility to test simulated and real mobile devices in parallel and run mobile tests from Docker containers, thereby reducing complex testing processes and test execution time up to 80%.

With UFT’s latest add-in, we put testers in the driver’s seat. In just a few steps, testers can connect, design, and execute mobile app and web tests on one local mobile device at a time directly from UFT, enabling them to extend their test coverage as an initial effort towards scaling up to an efficient lab management solution.

Intuitive scriptless and script-based approach

Keyword-driven testing simplifies test creation and maintenance. Capture flows directly from the application screens and leverage UFT’s robust record/replay capturing technology. “Power users” have full access to the underlying test and object properties through an integrated scripting and debugging environment that is synchronized with the keyword view. This includes time savers such as auto-completion of code, built-in and customizable code snippets, and additional tools for validation activities (file content, images, web content, XML, and more).

Intuitive scriptless and script-based approach
API testing without extensive coding
API testing without extensive coding

Test at the headless layer with UFT’s collection of built-in standard activities, such as file and string manipulation, data conversion, and messaging. For time-bound projects, import your existing resources (SoapUI, WSDL, WADL, Swagger, OData) and let UFT automatically generate API tests for you. Define which critical aspects to test: positive, boundary, security, and/or compliance.

UFT also supports enterprise businesses using cutting-edge IoT technologies with support for MQTT and CoAP. And let’s not forget UFT’s extensive support for creating and importing REST service models, as well as sending and receiving a JSON request for REST API services.

Visual test-driven design
視覺驅動型 API 及網頁服務測試

UFT 讓您在不需要擴大編碼之下就能在無介面圖層中進行測試。其多重圖層介面以直覺式圖形化畫布顯示 UI 及 API 測試,提供清晰的測試流程。測試清楚以圖表形式顯現於畫布上,顯示自動複雜應用程式構成及組成企業程序的重要資訊,上述全部包括相互對應行動、活動及參數以提供清楚的測試邏輯及流程。使用其於建置網頁、HTTP 以及來自網路擷取檔案的 SOAP 要求、匯入 WADL 文件以產生 API 測試等等。

Bring teams together

本產品採用廣泛的整合式工具和技術生態系統,藉此落實版本控制、CI/CD 和以 Micro Focus 技術為基礎的解決方案。UFT 可與 JenkinsBamboo 和 Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) 等開放原始碼與第三方 CI/CD 工具搭配使用,功能相當完善。系統會觸發功能測試和迴歸測試以做為標準建置程序的一部分,並在 Micro Focus ALM 中顯示運作結果報告,使團隊可立即察覺到問題並加以解決,繼續按照敏捷的時間表完成工作。這表示 UFT 能透過共享的應用程式物件定義來促進團隊協作,從而在整個測試建立過程中,讓物件層級變更保持同步。

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