Bringing DevOps to the Enterprise? Watch This First.

Learn from an expert in implementing DevOps in billion-dollar companies.


Leading the DevOps and Agile Transformation in the Enterprise

1 hour | Gary Gruver, author

DevOps isn't just for start-ups—but scaling the DevOps approach for large enterprises creates unique challenges. Your organization must alter its culture, coordinate work across teams, and reinvent legacy applications.

Before you undertake any change to your software development processes, watch this webinar. Drawing on his groundbreaking DevOps transformation work at HP and Macy's, Gary Gruver offers best practices and demonstrates how to successfully lead a DevOps transformation.

Request the webinar to learn:

  • How to avoid "Water-Scrum-Fall" when you're trying to go Agile
  • Why automating testing is the most important thing you can do... and why so many people do it wrong
  • How to use a common script all the way from dev to production
  • How your working code can replace management processes as the driving force for alignment
  • Why every project needs a "definition of done"

Enterprise-level DevOps requires preparation and commitment. Learn from an expert who has shepherded DevOps transformations of billion-dollar companies.

About Gary Gruver

Gary Gruver is an experienced executive who transforms software development and delivery processes in large organizations. Currently, he works with executives across the industry to help them transform their development and delivery processes. As co-author of "Leading the Transformation," he shows executives of large traditional organizations how to lead their transformation by applying Agile and DevOps principles at scale. As co-author of "A Practical Approach to Large-Scale Agile Development," he documents how they revolutionized software development processes at HP while he was the Director of the LaserJet Firmware development lab.

This webinar is part of the DevOps Drive-In series.