COBOL to Mobile

Consumer demand for new, innovative mobile apps and services continues to soar. Mobility is fueling the new digital economy, and today’s businesses are competing for the mindshare of the mobile customer in an ever-changing marketplace.

Gartner predicts that by 2017, mobile consumers will download or access mobile apps and services more than 268 billion times. They will generate more than $77 billion in mobile revenues, making mobile services one of the most popular end-user computing tools on the planet. If you haven’t started your mobile strategy, it’s not too late.

For organizations with existing COBOL applications, there’s a smarter and faster path to mobile. By reusing your existing application logic, you can unlock the value of your core IT assets with minimal risk and save valuable IT budget by avoiding a costly app rewrite. Use what already works and innovate from a position of strength.

Visual COBOL puts you on that fast track, delivering a modern development experience with a powerful set of industry standard tools (Visual Studio or Eclipse). It enables your development teams to quickly identify, build, test, and deploy existing COBOL logic as mobile services ready for your mobile consumer.

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Step-by-step: The Path from COBOL to Mobile
Step-by-step: The Path from COBOL to Mobile

COBOL to Mobile: Step by Step

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