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Chapter 17: Guide to Installation

Installing the Remote IMS software components is most likely to be the easiest part of the complete setup and configuration. The network setup required for LU 6.2 communications may be more time-consuming. Please read all of the related chapters prior to installation to become familiar with the complete configuration and installation of all required software.

The following are the general steps required to complete the Remote IMS installation. The steps can be performed in any sequence, however, all steps must be completed prior to testing the setup or using Remote IMS from an application program.

  1. Configure the Remote IMS Requester

  2. Install the Remote IMS Server

  3. Install and configure your PC communications software

  4. Configure your mainframe system

These steps are explained in more detail in the following chapters. When these steps are complete you can run the Remote IMS test program. The test program will confirm that your configuration is working properly. Any errors are reported by the test program in a popup window or an error message in the Remote Test output tab. The message suggests corrective actions for all common errors. You should run this program before trying to use Remote IMS from an application program. See the chapter Testing Configuration - MFRMTTST for instructions on running this test program. For any errors you cannot resolve, see the chapter Problem Determination.

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