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Chapter 14: Introduction to Remote IMS

This chapter describes Remote IMS and its installation and is intended primarily for use by the administrators of the IMS Option and IMS/ESA systems. To understand the content of this chapter, you need a general understanding of the IMS Option customization and configuration facilities and familiarity with APPC/MVS and IMS/ESA "CPI-C driven" transactions.

Micro Focus Remote IMS consists of Requester and Server software and provides access to IMS/ESA databases from Micro Focus IMS Option. The Requester software runs with the IMS Option on the PC and the Server runs on your IMS/ESA mainframe. The Requester and Server communicate using the SNA LU 6.2 protocol.

Retrieval and update are transparent to the application program and require no changes to the application or the DBD or PSB source.

14.1 Customer Responsibilities

The installation and use of the Remote IMS software components is fairly straightforward. Setting up your network and your mainframe system software may not be as easy. A successful installation requires the coordination of various groups at a typical IMS/ESA site. You need to set up and support the PC and mainframe communications software definitions, the IMS/ESA system, security packages and any other software and hardware which may be required at your installation.

It is impractical, if not impossible, for us to describe all of the possible software and hardware configurations to meet all customer requirements. It is also impractical to list all of the software "pre-requisites", "co-requisites", "PUT-levels" and "PTFs" for all of the software involved. The chapters in the remainder of this Guide describe:

14.2 Terms and Acronyms


When capitalized, refers to Micro Focus Remote IMS Requester.


When capitalized, refers to to Micro Focus Remote IMS Server.

Remote Database

An IMS database accessed from the IMS Option using Remote IMS.


Short for SAA Common Programming Interface for Communications. Intended as a high level language for communications. It currently supports SNA LU 6.2 which is commonly referred to as APPC.

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