33.12.12 Tracing OAuth Requests

You can trace each OAuth request and response by setting the following property in tomcat.conf.

Add the following line in Identity Server’s tomcat.conf:

For information about how to modify a file, see Modifying Configurations.

JAVA_OPTS="${JAVA_OPTS} -Dcom.novell.nidp.oauth.jersey.trace=ALL"

You can specify the following parameters:

  • OFF: tracing support is disabled (default value)

  • ON_DEMAND: tracing support in a stand-by mode. It is enabled selectively per request through a special X-Jersey-Tracing-Accept HTTP request header. The Jersey tracing facility does not use the value of the X-Jersey-Tracing-Accept header and as such, it can be any arbitrary string.

  • ALL: tracing support is enabled for all requests

You can customize the level of detail of the information (tracing threshold) provided by Jersey tracing facility. You can set the tracing threshold at a request level through X-Jersey-Tracing-Threshold HTTP request header. The request level configuration overrides any application level setting. Supported levels include SUMMARY, TRACE, and VERBOSE.

  • SUMMARY: basic summary information about the main request processing stages

  • TRACE: detailed information about activities in all main request processing stages (default threshold value)

  • VERBOSE: extended information similar to the TRACE level, however it includes details about entity providers (MBR/MBW) that were skipped during the provider selection phase for any reason (such as lower priority or pattern matching). Additionally, in this mode all received request headers are echoed as part of the tracing information.

For more information, see Monitoring and Diagnostics.