4.2 Managing Configuration Files

Advanced File Configurator enables you to manage configuration files of Administration Console, Identity Server, and Access Gateway. When you need to make any customization in a file’s default values, you add and modify that file on Advanced File Configurator. Therefore, Advanced File Configurator maintains only modified configuration files.

You can perform the following actions:

  • Upload a single file or multiple files from a cluster, modify them, and add as configuration files in Administration Console to a cluster

  • Compare, modify, and merge changes into configuration files across devices

  • Download configuration files of a specific cluster

  • Send the configuration to devices

  • Search for a specific configuration file based on various parameters, such as modification type and description

  • Untrack configurations

  • Remove configuration


  • Ensure that all devices of a cluster are up and running while performing any file operation. Else, you might get inconsistent results.

  • Customized files remain available on the device even after a device is removed from the cluster.