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Copyright and Trademarks
Using This Book
Typographical Conventions
Contacting Technical Support
The AccuRev Data Repository
Organization of the Repository
Inside a Depot: Versions and Files
Replication of the Repository
Archiving Data and Removing Data
What is a Software Configuration?
Software Configurations and Development Tasks
AccuRev’s Stream Hierarchy
How Changes Migrate Through the Stream Hierarchy
AccuRev Workspaces and Reference Trees
Using a Workspace
The Workspace as a Stream
Updating a Workspace
Variation #1: Workspace Based on a Snapshot
Variation #2: Reference Tree
Parallel and Serial Development
Getting Only the Files You Need: the Include/Exclude Facility
AccuRev Transactions
Transactions are Atomic
Transactions are Immutable
Transactions and Workspaces
Transactions and Issue Management
AccuRev Glossary