1. Configuring the AccuRev® Web Interface : Setting Access to AccuRev Servers

Setting Access to AccuRev Servers
By default, the host machine running the Tomcat Server maps to a single machine running the AccuRev Server. You provide users with access to AccuRev by providing them with the URL to the Tomcat Server. See Setting Up End Users for more information on this topic.
If you want, you can specify additional host machine-AccuRev Server mappings to provide access to AccuRev from the Web UI. This allows you to:
You might want to specify alternate mappings to allow for the use of domain names for the host server URL, for example.
The <serverMap> Element
AccuRev Server mappings are specified using the <serverMap> element in the wui_config.xml file:
<serverMapEntry host = "host_name:port" accurevServer = "server:port"/>
host_name:port is the URL used to access the machine on which the Tomcat Server is running, and the port on which Tomcat is listening. The default Tomcat Server port is 8080.
server:port is the URL of the machine on which the AccuRev Server is running, and the port on which AccuRev is listening. The default AccuRev Server port is 5050.
Examples of host_name values include:
The following example shows how the <serverMap> element in the wui_config.xml file is used to specify alternate host mappings to the same AccuRev Server:
<serverMapEntry host = "accurev-web:8080" accurevServer =
<serverMapEntry host = "accurev-web.ent.org:8080" accurevServer =
Modifying wui_config.xml
To modify the wui_config.xml file to specify one or more host machine-AccuRev Server mappings:
Navigate to the .accurev subdirectory under the home directory of the user running Tomcat:
(Windows users) C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>, or C:\Users\<user name>,
for example
(Linux users) The user’s login directory
Check the .accurev subdirectory for a customized version of wui_config.xml. If there is no file by that name, copy <CATALINA_HOME>\webapps\accurev\wui_config.xml, where <CATALINA_HOME> is the Tomcat installation directory, to the .accurev subdirectory.
Edit the <serverMap> element:
<serverMapEntry host = "host_name:port" accurevServer = "server:port"/>
Note that you can specify as many <serverMapEntry> elements as needed for your environment.
Save the wui_config.xml file.

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