AccuRev Depot Explorer

Use the AccuRev Depot Explorer to perform the following operations:

To display this window, use the View > AccuRev Depot Explorer command.


The AccuRev Depot Explorer is a dockable window that allows you to create a read-only navigable list of depots, as shown in the following illustration:


To create a navigable tree of the streams and workspaces in an AccuRev depot:

  1. Open a solution that is known to AccuRev.
    Tip: This solution can be on any AccuRev Server, not necessarily the one for which you want to create the depot explorer.
  2. Choose View > AccuRev Depot Explorer from the Visual Studio menu. An empty Depot Explorer window appears.
  3. Click the plus symbol at the top of the tab. The Login to AccuRev Server dialog box appears.
  4. Log in to the AccuRev Server for which you want to create the depot explorer tree and click Ok.
    Tip: This login is used solely to create the Depot Explorer tree. It does not interfere or change the AccuRev Server you are currently logged in to through Visual Studio. For example, you can currently be logged in to the AccuRev Server at falcon:5050 and create a depot explorer tree for the AccuRev Server at kestrel:5050.

    A Depots symbol appears in the Depot Explorer window.

  5. Expand the nodes you wish to explore by clicking that node’s plus symbol.

To close a depot explorer tree, right-click the tab and choose Close.

To refresh the Depot Explorer tree, right-click the depot or stream and choose Refresh.

Depot Explorer trees are not saved when you close Visual Studio.