Configuration Options

Enable Web UI
Enables or disables the AccuRev Web UI inside Visual Studio.
Use Web UI URL from Server
Use the URL specified in the AccuRev Server settings rather than the one specified in the Web UI URL field on this tab. The URL is stored in the storage\site_slice\dispatch\config\settings.xml file on the AccuRev Server:
<webui url="https://<server>.web.<domain>:<port>/accurev" />
Specifies a URL to use to access the AccuRev Web UI. If the Use Web UI URL from Server check box is selected, the URL stored on the AccuRev Server is used instead of the one specified here.
AccuRev Executable
Specifies the path of the AccuRev executable. You can enter the path manually, or use the Browse... button to navigate to the executable’s location.
Note: If the field is left blank, you will get an invalid path warning.
Version Details
Information about the current AccuRev Plug-In for Visual Studio PE version:
The currently installed version.
The date this version was built.
The AccuRev transaction number associated with the version’s build.