General Options

Allow Keep of Kept and Backed Files
Controls whether files with statuses of (kept) and (backed) appear in the Keep dialog when you invoke the Keep command.
Anchor on Edit
Causes an AccuRev Anchor command to be performed automatically when you start to edit a file element in an anchor-required or exclusive-file-locking workspace. If the option is disabled, an Anchor command is performed when you click File > Save.
Enable update when solution opened
Causes an Update command (from the Synchronize tab of the AccuRev window) to be performed automatically when you open a Visual Studio solution.
Enable commit when solution closed
Causes a Commit command (from the Synchronize tab of the AccuRev window) to be performed automatically when you close a Visual Studio solution.
Add to depot when a new file is added to solution
Causes an AccuRev Add command to be invoked automatically when you add a new object to a Visual Studio project (Add > New Item, Add > Existing Item, or Add > New Folder).
Update Status on Save
Causes an automatic call to the AccuRev Server whenever you execute the Visual Studio command File > Save on a file. This determines the new AccuRev status of the saved file and updates its icon decoration. This option is turned on by default. Turning it off improves performance by eliminating the call to the AccuRev Server. To display the correct icon decoration for the saved file when the option is turned off, invoke the command AccuRev > Refresh.
Always bring AccuRev output window pane to the top
Ensures that the AccuRev pane in the Output window is always brought to the top when you have more than one tab displayed.
Separate name and in-folder columns
The pathname is split over two columns: a Name column with the “leaf” name, and an In Folder column with the folder/directory pathname to the element. If this option is not selected, entire pathname appears in a single column, labeled Name.
Open web URLs in external browser
Causes AccuRev Web UI components (Accurev > WebUI, AccuRev > View Streams, AccuRev > Create Issue, AccuRev > View Issue Queries, Annotate, Version Browser) to be handled by default external browser. If disabled, internal browser of Visual Studio handles the same.
Number of comments to keep in history
The number of choices to appear in the Select Previous Comment list in the dialog boxes for the Add to Depot, Keep, and Promote commands.