Editing a Host Code Page

Using the InfoConnect Translation Table editors, you can edit the host code pages InfoConnect uses to translate ANSI to EBCDIC, and EBCDIC to ANSI. This makes it possible to use currently unsupported character sets, and to customize InfoConnect for unique host system environments.


  • Only users with administrator privileges can use this feature.

  • This feature is not available with VT sessions.

  • Host code page data is saved in the file R8ncs.dll, located in the InfoConnect installation folder The default on English language systems is C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\InfoConnect on 64-bit systems and C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\InfoConnect on 32-bit systems. . It is recommended that you make a backup copy of this file before making changes.

The translation table editors are located in the InfoConnect folder.

To edit this type of host code page

Use this editor

Standard 3270


Standard 5250


Double-byte 3270


Double-byte 5250


Separate tables are provided for display, file transfer, printer, and other uses. When you change an EBCDIC to ANSI translation table, you should make the corresponding change to the ANSI to EBCDIC translation table, so that the data interaction between InfoConnect and the host is consistent for both PC-to-host and host-to-PC transactions.

The character search window in the bottom right corner of the Character Translation Table tab provides a way to search for any character in a table. To search for a character, enter the character in the search window and press Enter. The table editor moves you to the location in the table that contains the character.