Copy ICS Database Utility

Use the Copy ICS Database Utility to create a copy of an InfoConnect database that is identical to the original database except for the name of the location of the executable files. This can be helpful if you share your InfoConnect products on multiple file servers and want a copy of the same database on each server, with the only difference being the name of the server where the executable files are located.

You can use this utility in conjunction with the Export/Import Utility to help install your InfoConnect products throughout a large network. For example, once you install the products on one file server, you can use the Copy ICS Database Utility to create multiple databases that include only information about the products that have been installed. Then you can use the Export/Import Utility to add appropriate path information to each of the databases. In this way, an administrator in one central location can create databases for multiple file servers.

NOTE:For the Copy ICS Database Utility to work properly, each InfoConnect library registered in the database must exist in the location that you want to specify for the executable files. In other words, the target location must be a mapped directory on the PC running this utility and it must contain all of the libraries registered in the InfoConnect database.To determine the names of the registered libraries, run the InfoConnect Manager and click Libraries on the left, select a library in the list, and then click Examine.

To copy an InfoConnect database

  1. Run the Copy ICS Database Utility.

    You can run this program by entering copics32 in the “Search programs and files” box in the Windows Start menu or from a Command window.

  2. If InfoConnect Database To Copy does not display the name of the database that you want to copy, click Browse and select the desired database from the local drive or any available network location.

  3. Specify the location where you want the database to be copied by clicking Browse next to Destination For InfoConnect Database.

  4. In the New InfoConnect Directory text box, type the location (that is, drive and folder or UNC name) of the executable files that you want to use in the copy of the database that you are creating.

  5. Click Copy.

  6. Repeat steps 2 through 6 for each database that you want to copy.