Create New Document Dialog Box

InfoConnect provides several templates to help you start sessions and create Web page and other documents. Terminal session documents and Web page documents open in a tab in the workspace. Printer session documents open in a separate window.

Built-in templates

The version of InfoConnect determines which of the following templates are available to you:

Template name

Creates this session type

ALC terminal

Airlines terminal sessions

T27 terminal

Unisys T27 or A Series terminal sessions

UTS terminal

Unisys 2200 terminal sessions

3270 terminal

IBM Mainframe terminal sessions

5250 terminal

IBM AS/400 terminal sessions

3270 printer

IBM Mainframe printer sessions

5250 printer

IBM AS/400 printer session

VT terminal

UNIX, OpenVMS, VAX/VMS, Regis Graphics, or asynchronous host terminal sessions

HP terminal

HP terminal sessions


Select to access a Web page using the default browser.

User defined

User-defined templates are created when you save a document as a template. See Share session configuration using custom templates.


The options available depend on the terminal type. The option you select sets a theme for the terminal window display designed to be similar to that used by the emulation product you select.

The Legacy InfoConnect option (available for ALC, UTS, and T27 sessions) uses fonts and other settings similar to what was used in earlier versions of InfoConnect

NOTE:The setting you select is specific to the terminal session you are creating—it does not affect the currently configured user interface mode, which is a global setting that you can use to set the Workspace menu style.