Default Diagnostic Library Options Dialog Box

The Diagnostic Service Library oversees session traffic to detect and correct interoperability problems between an Application and a Library. The Diagnostic Library is used one of two ways: system wide to oversee all new Sessions or for one specific Path that represents a connection between an InfoConnect Application and a set of InfoConnect Libraries. The Diagnostic Library does not have an icon or a window. Once the Diagnostic Library has been activated, it continues to operate until explicitly de-activated—when the InfoConnect Manager is started, the Diagnostic Library is also started.

To include Diagnostic records in a trace:

  1. Enable tracing.

  2. Activate the Diagnostic Library.

Activate Diagnostic Library for All Sessions

Activates the Diagnostic Library for all new sessions.

Sessions which are already active when this option is turned on will not be overseen by the Diagnostic Library. To oversee a session which is already active, you must terminate the session and then restart it after the Diagnostic Library has been activated

Diagnostic Mode

Diagnostic mode is intended for developers and issues error messages in dialog boxes when interoperability problems are detected.

Non Diagnostic mode is for end-users and attempts to take corrective actions to allow applications or libraries which are having interoperability problems to still be successfully used together. Non Diagnostic mode does not display error dialog boxes.

This option does not affect the logging of Diagnostic messages to the Trace Log file.