Authentication Tab (A Series TCP Transport Path Options)

Use this tab to specify the process of verifying user login information for the TCP-A connection.

When authentication is properly configured, you can request a security credential from your application’s credential server and send the credential back to the server. If the credential is valid, your application will be logged in; you do not have to enter a user ID or password. If the credential is not valid however, you will be prompted for a user ID and a password.



Select this option to authenticate with a Kerberos server and provide the server name in the Target account box and the options you want.


Select this option to use the default authentication method. No additional settings are needed.

Target account

Specify the host name of the Kerberos server you will authenticate with.


Mutual Authentication

Select this option to receive a security credential that identifies the host.

Forward Credentials

Select this option to send a security credential to the host for authentication when you log in.


Select this option to use encryption for data sent and received by the host and then enter the decimal number representing an encryption type. (The default is 129.)

Type: N (dec)

Enter the decimal number that represents the encryption type to use.