InfoConnect Desktop supports InfoConnect HLLAPI (IHLLAPI) for all Workspace terminal session types.

Use the Configure IHLLAPI Settings dialog box to associate IHLLAPI short names with session filenames and to set whether to display the workspace when an IHLLAPI application starts a session.

NOTE:For IHLLAPI programming guidelines and descriptions of IHLLAPI functions, see the IHLLAPI Programmer’s Reference.

Configure IHLLAPI Settings Dialog Box

Use Configure IHLLAPI Settings to configure InfoConnect for applications created using the InfoConnect High-Level Language Application Program Interface (IHLLAPI).

Item Name

UI Description

Short Names

Associate IHLLAPI short names with fully qualified session filenames. The associated files can be Workspace session documents (*.ialc, *.iuts, *.t27, *.rd3x, *.rd5x, *.rdox) or legacy settings files (*.adp).

NOTE:IHLLAPI functions refer to sessions by short names (the letters A through Z) rather than session file names.


Select whether to apply IHLLAPI settings so that they are Shared among all users or Unique to each user.

NOTE:These settings are saved in the ihllapi.xml file. The location this file is saved in depends on which option is selected. See Where to Deploy Customized Files in the InfoConnect Deployment Guide.

Show workspace when starting sessions

Display the workspace when starting a session initiated by an IHLLAPI application.