INT1 Path Options


Terminal ID

Specify the network address for the computer. The Terminal ID is also known as a TID or PID.

Use ID Management

Select this option and then click Configure ID Management to set up the management server and settings in the ID Management Dialog Box.

Device type

Specify the type of terminal or device that the computer will emulate when a session is established (such as a UTS60 terminal).

Initial transaction

Specify the initial transaction associated with the host application that you want to run, if it is not already included in the environment. For example, to run MAPPER, you transmit the ^ symbol.

Send initial transaction after receiving



Specify the environment. This is a named set of configuration data about your host, which includes an environment name, an application name, and an initial transaction code. The environment also indicates which connection to use to access the host application and which TSAP to use (only if you are connecting to a Host LAN Controller or a Distributed Communications Processor in IP router mode).