Change the Default Principal Profile

You can modify a principal profile or select a different profile to use as the default. You can also remove a principal profile, provided it's not the default principal profile.

Kerberos Manager uses the default profile whenever a kerberized client application requests a service that requires Kerberos authentication.

To change the principal profile

  1. Start Kerberos Manager.

  2. Select a principal profile by clicking the corresponding tab. If the principal profile you want is hidden, open it first.

  3. Perform one of the following tasks:


    Do this

    Modify the principle profile

    Click Modify, make the changes you want, and then click OK.

    Remove the principle profile

    Choose Credentials > Remove Principle Profile, and then click Yes to confirm.

    Select the principle profile as the default

    Click the Set As Default Profile button.

    A blue check mark appears on the tab, indicating that this principal profile is now the default.