Kerberos Initial Configuration Dialog Box

This dialog box appears the first time you use Kerberos, and must be completed before you can make a secure Kerberos connection. Check with your system administrator for values for principal, realm, and KDC host. You can use the default value for the credentials file.

The options are:

Default Principal

Specify an entity that's recognized by the Kerberos server. Each principal has a unique name within a realm. The format of a full principal name is:

principal_name @ realm_name

The default principal is set automatically to your Windows user name (in lowercase).

Default Realm

Specify the realm you want to associate with this principal profile. A realm is a name given to a collection of Kerberos principals on a network. If you omit the realm name, the default realm is assumed.

The realm name is case sensitive, and typically uppercase. It is often similar to or the same as the domain name, for example, XYZ.MFG.COM.

KDC host name

Specify the default KDC (Key Distribution Center) host, or Windows primary domain controller.

Credentials file

Specify the location where you want to store the session key and TGT (ticket granting ticket) issued by the KDC. The client uses these credentials to authenticate itself when it requests a service.

Use Windows logon values

Select this option to use your Windows credentials whenever a ticket-granting ticket (TGT) is needed and there is no valid TGT in the cache.

This option is available only if you log on to a Windows domain and your system supports this feature.

NOTE:Information that you configure about Kerberos principals, realms, and tickets is saved in your Windows registry and this information applies to all installed Micro Focus applications that support Kerberos.