Realm Defaults Tab (Realm Properties Dialog Box)

From this tab, you can configure the defaults for the selected realm. These settings are used when you create new principal profiles and when you authenticate; however, you can modify your settings when you authenticate to obtain a new TGT (ticket granting ticket).

The options are:

Ticket lifetime

Set the default ticket lifetime using hours, minutes, and seconds. The lifetime is the length of time a ticket-granting ticket will be valid. The KDC (Key Distribution Center) determines the lifetime of a Kerberos ticket, and overrides requests that fall outside of the allowed range.

Ticket renew time

Set a default ticket renewal time using days, hours, and minutes. When no interval is specified, the ticket is not renewable.


Specify whether you want to perform encrypted timestamp pre-authentication.

Forwardable ticket

Select this option to forward your TGTs (and TGTs for all principal profiles in this realm) to another host and get service tickets on your behalf.

Ticket Address

Specify the IP address or a network host name used in the TGT. You can enter up to four IP addresses separated by commas. By default, the session uses your computer's current IP address. If you connect through a firewall or in a NAT (Network Address Translation) environment, you may need to specify your firewall or NAT IP address.

Clear this box to obtain a ticket that contains no IP address.


Click to reset the IP address used in the TGT to your computer's IP address.