Ticket Encryption Types Dialog Box

From this dialog box, you can define the ticket encryption types to request from the KDC. To require a specific encryption type for all connections, delete all other encryption types from the Requested KDC encryption types list. To ensure that a specific encryption type is used on servers that support it, move it to the top of the list.

NOTE:To configure the encryption type (or a list of encryption types) for a particular realm, select the realm on the Configuration tab before you add the encryption type in this dialog box.

The options are:

Requested KDC encryption types

Displays all the requested encryption types.

Use password as MD5 IV

When selected, your password is used as the initialization vector for MD5 encryption. (This options is required if you use the CyberSafe Kerberos implementation.) When cleared, zeros are used.


Click to add a new encryption type to the list.


Click to remove the selected encryption type from the list.

Up / Down

Move the selected item in the list.

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