Configure Recent Typing Dialog Box

Using the Recent Typing gallery or task pane, you can quickly view and select from a list of recently typed items, and send the selected string to the active document. This eliminates the need to manually re-enter information, saving time, and reducing errors when entering commonly-typed commands or field data.


  • This feature is not available with VT sessions.

  • Typing is not captured in hidden-text fields such as passwords.


Number of words to remember

InfoConnect identifies and remembers new typed words when a field is exited by Tab key, Spacebar, or other terminal-specific method.

Minimum word length (characters)

This feature defines the number of characters that InfoConnect considers a word. At the default setting of 3 characters, if you type something such as "US" into a field, it will not be remembered, and does not appear on the Recent Typing gallery and task pane.

Clear recent typing list when disconnected

When selected, the Recent Typing list is deleted when the session is disconnected for any reason. When cleared, the Recent Typing list is deleted when the session is closed.

NOTE:If the Recent Typing list has been saved to a file, the recent typing file is not affected.