Navigate Screen History From the Ribbon

You can navigate Screen History Screen History creates recordings of host screens as you navigate to them. (VT screens are not recorded automatically; they can be recorded using manual capture.) You can view and/or verify the information from those screens, and send multiple host screens to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook (Email Message and Note only), if they are installed on your computer. one screen at a time in the main InfoConnect window directly from the Session ribbon without opening the Screen History gallery or task pane.

NOTE:Only text areas of the host screen are included in the recorded image; host graphics images are not included.

To navigate screen history

  • Do one of the following:

    On the Session ribbon, click

    To navigate

    The Back button

    Among captured screens.

    The Forward button

    Forward one screen at a time (if you navigated back, away from the current live screen).

    The Live Screen button

    Directly back to the current, live screen.