Manage QuickPads Dialog Box

A QuickPad is a small window that you can load during a session. QuickPads can contain text, buttons, bitmaps, icons, and other graphic elements. The buttons and icons on QuickPads can be linked to any of the Actions available in the Select Action Dialog Box.

This dialog box shows the QuickPads displayed for the current session and enables you to create new QuickPads.

To add a QuickPad or toolbar to your session

  • Click Select QuickPads, select a QuickPad file, and then click OK.

    The QuickPad is displayed in the existing session and the session document is set to display the QuickPad in new sessions.


  • InfoConnect Desktop supports QuickPad and toolbar files created with Extra! and earlier versions of InfoConnect. Toolbars are imported as QuickPads that open in a QuickPad window docked on the top of the session window.

  • If you close a QuickPad during a session, it is not displayed when you reopen the session. You will need to select the QuickPad for the session to display it.

Show ToolTips

Enable tooltips on QuickPad controls.

QuickPad Selection

Opens the QuickPad Selection dialog box.

The QuickPad Selection list shows:

  • QuickPads files you have created and saved using InfoConnect Desktop.

  • QuickPad (.eqp) files and toolbar (.etb) files in the INFOCNEE\Schemes directory.

  • QuickPad (.eqp) files and toolbar (.etb) files in the Default Legacy EXTRA! directory specified in the Configure Workspace Attributes Dialog Box.

These files must be in trusted locations.

Modify QuickPads

Opens the QuickPad Selection dialog box. Select an item and click Edit to open the selected QuickPad in the QuickPad Designer.

Create New QuickPad

Opens the QuickPad Designer, which you can use to create and save a new QuickPad.

For more information, see Set up QuickPads.