Built-In Controls Dialog Box (UI Designer)

InfoConnect includes several controls that you can customize. With UI Designer, you can change the default location and settings of the these controls to better suit your needs.

Click Built-Ins in the Insert Controls pane of UI Designer to choose from the following options:

Quick Keys Gallery

Add keyboard shortcuts that let you send program function keys, program attention keys, and other commands to the host.

Office Tools Gallery

Use Microsoft Word and Outlook application features with data from your host: create Word documents, send e-mail, schedule appointments, add notes and tasks, and create new contacts.

Recent Typing Gallery

Quickly view and select from a list of recently typed items, and send the selected string to the active document, eliminating the need to re-enter information. This saves time and reduces errors when entering commonly-typed commands or field data.

Scratch Pad Gallery

Keep notes associated with a session using the Scratch Pad, and print or save them as .rtf or .txt files.

Screen History Gallery

View and/or verify the information from Screen History recordings of host screens as you navigate them, and send multiple host screens to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook (Email Message and Note only), if they're installed on your computer.

Colorpicker Control

Add a control for standard and custom colors for host sessions.

VBA / Macro Group

Provide the Visual Basic editor, and macro recording and playback tools.

Themes Group

Set the appearance of host sessions, including text and background colors, sounds, and cursor properties.