Create New ALC Document

From this dialog box, configure ALC terminal settings for a Computer Reservation System (CRS) such as Amadeus, Apollo, SABRE, and Shares.


Choose one of the following options.

Path name / Path Description (list box)

If available, select an existing path from the list to use with this session. If you want the option to use different, pre-configured paths each time you start the session, select Choose Path at session startup instead.

If you want to create a new path, click Create Path instead.

NOTE:You can right-click on any listed path to delete that path or modify the path using the Database editor.

Choose path at session startup (check box)

Select this option if you want to choose from a list of existing paths each time you start the session.

Create Path (button)

Click this button to start the Path Wizard and configure a new path.


Keyboard map

If you want to specify a custom keyboard map, browse to the file. The default keyboard map is selected automatically.

Configure additional settings

Select this option and then click OK to configure the host connection, the terminal appearance, and various user interface settings.