Display Setup - Options (Reflection HP)

HP Terminal > Setup > Display > Options

Window Title

Use this option to customize the name of your Reflection for HP window. You can enter text and/or any of the following special characters:



The local IP address



Connected or not connected



Date (in the format set by Windows)



Settings file name or “Untitled”



Host name



Instance number of Reflection for HP



Layout file name



Full product name






Session name



Transport type (port name)



Product name



Product version number



Terminal type



Ampersand (that is, use two && to produce one &)

Time Connected

Displays a time counter on the status bar that shows the time you have been connected in hours, minutes, and seconds (hh.mm.ss).

Slash Zeros

Specifies whether zeroes displayed in the terminal window contain slashes (like this: Ø). Selecting this option may make it easier to work with numeric data.