Run a Startup Macro

You can set up a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro to run when the InfoConnect workspace starts, rather than when a session opens and connects to the host.

This allows you to gather information about how users will connect and then use that information to configure session settings.

For example, you can create a startup macro to perform tasks such as:

  • displaying a VBA UserForm to gather information from the user before connecting to the host

  • reading from an .ini file

  • checking for host or router availability

  • configuring InfoConnect settings

CAUTION:You can configure only macros in the Common project to run when the workspace starts. Do not configure the "Run InfoConnect Workspace Macro" action to run a macro present in a session document. This prevents InfoConnect from starting properly.

To set up a startup macro

  1. Under Workspace Settings, click Configure Workspace Defaults.

  2. Under Workspace and Documents, in the When starting workspace list, select Run Startup action.

  3. Click Select Action.

  4. Under Action, select Run InfoConnect Workspace Macro.

  5. Under Action parameters, choose Select macro.

  6. In the Select a macro box, select the macro you want to run when InfoConnect starts.