Pre-authentication Failed

Possible causes for this error message:

  • Problem: You may have entered your password incorrectly.

    Solution: Confirm that you entered the password correctly. Passwords are case-sensitive. Make sure that the Caps Lock key is off, and then re-enter your password.

  • Problem: KDC requires you to perform pre-authentication, but you have not configured it.

    Solution: Verify your host authentication settings.

  • Problem: The KDC does not support the preferred encryption types specified in Kerberos Manager.

    Solution: Change your list of preferred encryption types to be compatible with those supported by the KDC.

  • Problem: The KDC to which you are authenticating requires TCP protocol for packets over a certain size (this is seen on some Windows KDCs).

    Solution: Try changing the value for Maximum UDP packet size to less than 1500.