Browser Interface

The Browser interface has a look and feel that is similar to the latest Web browsers. Although it requires less screen real estate than the Ribbon interface, it provides the same functionality as the Ribbon. It also provides additional ways to access commands and connect to hosts.

Accessing Commands

In much the same way that you access commands in the Ribbon interface, you can access commands through the InfoConnect menu or the Quick Access toolbar. The Browser also allows you to access commands by typing them into the search box. For example:

To access the Trace commands, enter T in the search box and then choose from the list of Trace commands.

Connecting to Hosts

Similar to the Ribbon, you can connect to a host automatically or from the InfoConnect menu. In addition, you can connect by entering the type of connection and the host name in the search box.

For example:

To open a telnet connection to a 3270 host named myMainFrame, enter tn3270://myMainFrame


For IBM systems, you can open Telnet sessions for 3270 or 5250 terminals using the following format:


For Open Systems (VT) you can open Telnet, Secure Shell, or Rlogin sessions using the following format: