Modify a TCPA Path to Send NOP Packets for T27 Sessions

You can prevent T27 emulation and printer sessions from timing out by configuring a keepalive (NOP) over the TCPA transport (A Series TCP Protocol). When enabled, this option causes InfoConnect to send NOP packets within the application layer of the Telnet OSI model at specified intervals.

To modify a TCPA path to send NOP packets

  1. From the Start menu, select All Programs > Micro Focus InfoConnect > Utilities > InfoConnect Manager.

  2. Select Paths on the left, select the TCPA path template, and then click the Modify button.

  3. In the Modify Path dialog box, click Configure.

  4. In the TCP/UDP Path Options dialog box, specify any settings you need and then click OK. (Note: Clicking OK is required to open the A Series TCP Transport Path Options dialog box.)

  5. In the A Series TCP Transport Path Options dialog box, on the Path tab select the check box Send Telnet keepalive (NOP) and, if needed, change the frequency with which packets are sent.