Troubleshooting GraphX

Below are a few problem situations and some solutions to help you solve them:



Certain colors do not print.

The printer driver has dithered the color to white. Use the graphics configuration to darken the color.The printer driver is defective. Contact the printer manufacturer for an updated Windows printer driver.

Circles are displayed as ellipses.

The mode is Anisotropic. Select Isotropic Mapping Mode from the graphics configuration.

Edge styling is enabled, but the image displays only solid polygon edging.

The graphics sequence does not contain line styling control commands.

Hatching is enabled but the image is not hatched.

The graphics sequence does not contain hatching control commands.

Host printing is ignored.

Host printing must be enabled in the graphics configuration.A default printer is not selected in the Windows Control Panel.The graphics sequence does not contain the ZO-ZS host print sequence.

Printout colors are different than expected.

Either Invert Gray Scale is selected, or the printer driver has picked the nearest available color. In this case, adjust the color shade until the printer driver chooses the desired color.

Text characters are not rotated when text is drawn vertically.

Only scalable font characters can rotate.

Text is too large.

The minimum text width and height are too large. Select a smaller value in the graphics configuration.Certain bitmaps fonts are not available in small sizes. Select a scalable font.

Text, or other white images, are not printed.

The graphics sequence relies on the fact that a UTS 60 terminal has a default black view surface and so does not contain the new frame command ZN to paint the window surface. Consequently, the printout surface is not painted and the white images are not visible. Use the graphics color configuration to map the white pen to black.

The configured marker is selected but never displayed.

Selecting the configured marker for display is accomplished via the Marker Symbol command S13. This command does not appear in your graphics sequence.

The printer attempts to color the entire view surface to the background color of the picture.

This is acceptable for some printers, such as a laser printer, but not for plotters or dot matrix printers. It occurs when the graphics sequence contains the new frame command, ZN, to paint the background a color other than white. Either invert the gray scaling when printing or use the graphics configuration to map the black pen to white. If you do this, you may have to map the white pen to black also.

The UTS screen displays the graphics control sequences instead of the picture.

The GraphX accessory is not installed, or if it is, it is not registered with InfoConnect. It is sold separately and must be installed from the GraphX product disk.The screen is not configured as a UTS 60 screen. Graphics are available for UTS 60 terminals only.

Unable to print.

A default printer is not selected. Select your printer using the Windows Control Panel.

UTS runs the GraphX accessory, but does not display the image.

The graphics sequence is missing the ZI control code. Graphics sequences are ignored until graphics is initialized by the ZI control code.