Set the Transfer File Type (Transfer Method)

Use Transfer Method to specify the file type for transfers. The currently active transfer method is indicated on the status bar, on the toolbar, and in the Transfer Method menu.

To change the current file transfer method

  • From the Tools menu, point to Transfer Method and then click the transfer method you want to use.

The options are:


Select ASCII for text files. ASCII data is transferred according to settings in the Character Sets dialog box.


Use the Binary transfer method to transfer binary files, such as .exe files and .doc files. Binary files are not converted or translated during the transfer.

Tenex (Local 8)

Select Tenex (also known as "Local 8") if you're moving files to or from a server that uses a non-8-bit byte, such as the DECsystem-20.


Select Smart if you want the FTP Client to determine what transfer method to use (ASCII, Binary, Tenex, or Ask User) based on the source file extension. To configure this, use Tools > Options > File Types.