View the Server Files

To work with items on the server, use the right pane of the FTP Client. Commands on the File and Edit menus, and most buttons on the toolbar, apply to folders and files in the currently active pane.

To view the server files

  1. Start the FTP Client and connect to the remote site.

  2. Click the right pane to make it active.

  3. To open a folder or file, or to start a program, double-click it.

    To display the contents of a file or run a program, the FTP Client first copies the file from the server to your default local home folder.


  • For FTP connections (but not SFTP connections) you can use a file view filter to limit the current directory listing to files of a specific type. From the View menu, choose Filter.

  • To see and navigate the hierarchy of all folders, go to the active pane, click the Go to a different folder list box, then choose the folder you want to open.

  • To change the way files are displayed, go to the active pane and use the commands on the View menu, or use the four view buttons on the toolbar.