Use the FTP Command Line

The FTP Client command line provides an alternate way for you to communicate with the server. You can enter FTP or SFTP commands on the FTP command line to move files between the FTP server and your PC.

To show or hide the FTP command line

  • From the View menu, choose Command Window to toggle the command window display.

    The FTP command line appears at the bottom of the command window.

To enter commands

  1. Click in the command line or press Shift+F7 to move the cursor to the command line.

  2. Enter an FTP or SFTP command, depending on your connection type.

  3. Press the Enter key to execute the command.

The FTP Client keeps a list of up to 50 commands from the current session. You can use the drop-down arrow on the right side of the command line to recall items from this list.

NOTE:If you are connected to two sites in the same FTP Client window, you can use the command line to view communication between the client and the server, but you cannot enter commands. Commands sent to and from the second server are preceded by this identifier: [Server 2]. If there is more than one line of output (such as directory listings and multi-line banners), only the first line has this identifier.