Identifying the Source of the Problem

When you encounter a problem with the Reflection FTP Client, it may help to compare the behavior to that of another client. You can use the Microsoft FTP client to open a connection to the FTP server where the problem occurs; then try using this client to duplicate the operation that causes the problem.

If you can duplicate the problem when you use a different FTP client, one of these conditions may apply:

  • The server you are connecting to does not support the FTP operation you are attempting.

  • The server you are connecting to is configured incorrectly.

  • You are specifying incorrect information in your command (for example, you are specifying a non-existent path or filename when attempting a file transfer).

If the problem only occurs when using the Reflection FTP Client (you can't duplicate the problem when you connect to the server using a different FTP client), check the troubleshooting solutions.