Windows Sockets Error Messages

Following is a list of the Windows Sockets error messages that may appear during a Reflection FTP Client session and an explanation of how to resolve the error condition. These error messages (which are all preceded by the identifying string "WINSOCK error:") are returned by the Windows Sockets library if an error occurs in the network interface layer between Windows and the TCP/IP stack you are using. The Windows Sockets library (supplied in a module called Wsock32.dll) is included as part of the Windows operating system.

For some network Windows Sockets implementations, when you are connected to a server, several things can cause this message to be displayed:

  • You tried to start a file transfer or perform a directory operation (such as changing directories or refreshing the current directory). If you see this error when attempting to transfer a file or to obtain a directory listing, then your network implementation does not work with the FTP Client.

  • You started another instance of the FTP Client and tried to open another connection to the same server. If you get this error message when trying to connect, it indicates that your network implementation supports only one connection at a time to a given server. You cannot start separate instances of the FTP Client and attempt to connect to the same server with each instance.

Connection refused

The connection attempt was unsuccessful due to a problem on the host; possibly the host is down or the server is not running at this time. Wait a while, and then try to connect again.

Connection reset by peer

During a file transfer, the remote host reset the server connection. Close the server connection, reconnect, and try the transfer again.

Connection timed out

The attempt to connect to a server was timed out by your network software without establishing a connection. This may be because the server is not running. Wait a while, and then try to connect again.

Network is down

The Windows Sockets implementation has detected that the network subsystem has failed. Your network should be restarted.

Network is unreachable

The network can't be reached from this host at this time. This error can occur when you use an IP router (gateway) to connect to servers outside your own network. The message indicates that one of the IP routers along the path from your gateway to the destination networks is down. Contact your system administrator, who can check the hops between your gateway and the destination network.

No buffer space available

There are too many open connections. This error condition can occur when opening a connection to a server or transferring a file, or when the client requests server directory information. Close other open server connections or applications that use Windows Sockets and try the operation again. Check your network documentation for information about how to increase the buffer space for which your network is configured.

Operation not supported on socket

The client must open a data session prior to performing a file transfer or directory listing operation. A data session can't be opened using your network's Windows Sockets implementation.

Software caused connection abort

While transferring files to or from the server, the virtual circuit used for the server connection was aborted due to a timeout or other failure (possibly the host went down, or the FTP or SFTP server is not running). Close the server connection, reconnect, and try the transfer again.

Too many open files

To solve this problem, exit Windows, increase the Files= setting in your Config.sys file and reboot your PC. If you still get this message, try closing other open client sessions and then try to open the connection again. If your problem is still unresolved, contact the manufacturer of your Wsock32.dll for help.