Batch Wizard

Use the Batch wizard to add new items to a batch transfer.

NOTE:InfoConnect automatically adds file transfers to your batch list when you transfer files from the Single tab of the Transfer dialog box. Adding items this way may suit your needs better than using the Batch wizard. The Batch wizard is useful when you want to add transfers to a batch without actually performing the transfer.

Add a new single transfer to batch

Use this option to configure a new transfer for the batch list. Click Next to configure the transfer using the Batch Wizard transfer panel (described below).

Host name

Specify the host to use for this transfer. If you are connected, this must be the host to which you are currently connected.

Transfer type

Select the file transfer protocol you want to use.

Add transfers from an existing batch file

Use this option to import transfers that you have already saved to a transfer request file. Transfers in the saved file are appended to the end of the current list.

Batch file name

Type path and filename of the transfer request file containing the transfer(s) you want to add to the batch.

Batch Wizard Transfer Panel

Use this panel to configure a transfer in your batch list. The Batch Wizard panel is similar to the Single tab of the Transfer dialog box, but has the following differences:

  • Changes you make using the Batch Wizard panel affect only the item you are adding or modifying in the batch list; these changes have no affect on subsequent transfers and are not saved when you save your settings file.

  • In the Batch wizard, you set the transfer direction by clicking Send or Receive. Your choice is indicated by the direction of the blue arrow at the top of the panel. No transfer actually occurs.

  • The Batch Wizard panel includes a Test button that performs the currently configured transfer.