CMS Advanced Options Dialog Box

The options are:

Logical record length

Type the record size (in bytes) for the file being created on the host. If you leave this box blank, the record size is determined by the host. Use a value between 0 and 32768 to accommodate the range accepted by your host.

For ASCII files, set this value to accommodate the longest line in your file. When you leave this box blank, the host typically accepts lines of up to 80 characters.

CR/LF processing

When you select one of these options, a carriage return character and a linefeed character are stripped from the end of each line of the file you are sending.

CR/LF processing is typically appropriate for ASCII and JISCII files but not for binary files; the defaults for these options are set up accordingly.

Additional IND$FILE parameters

Use this text box for any parameters specific to the IND$FILE (or APVUFILE) program on your host system. The contents of this text box are appended to the end of the transfer command generated by InfoConnect. InfoConnect does not check the contents of this text box for validity.