Translation Tab (Transfer Settings Dialog Box)

The options are:

Filename translation options

Change spaces to underscores when sending

Select to convert spaces in filenames to underscores in files sent to the host. If your host does not support spaces in filenames, this prevents the host from modifying the filename or rejecting the transfer.

Change underscores to spaces when receiving

Select to convert underscores in filenames to spaces in files received from the host.

By selecting this option in conjunction with the Change spaces to underscores when sending option, you satisfy the conventions of both the PC and the host, yet maintain the appearance of an unchanged file name: The name change occurs, but is transparent to both the PC and the host.

Truncate received filenames to 8.3 format

Select to receive host files in the DOS 8.3 filename format.

For example, a file with the name Longfilename.Document will be converted automatically to Longfile.doc when transferred to your PC.

Display 8.3 filenames as

Select how you want filenames conforming to the DOS 8.3 file naming convention to display under Local in the Transfer dialog box.