General Tab (Transfer Settings Dialog Box)

The options are:

General options

If file exists

Select a default for the If file exists setting on the Transfer dialog box.

Start timeout

Set the maximum amount of time that InfoConnect should wait for a response from the host when starting a file transfer. If there is no response within the timeout period, an error message is displayed.

Receive timeout

Set the maximum amount of time that InfoConnect should wait for a block of data or an acknowledgment from the host when transferring a file. If there is no response within the timeout period, it is assumed that the data is lost and InfoConnect requests that it be sent again. Consecutive timeouts can cause termination of the file transfer (see Error retry limit).

Error retry limit

Set the number of times InfoConnect should try to transfer a block of data before abandoning the transfer.

Transfer dialog options

Show record size on File Transfer dialog box

(Applies only to the WRQ/Reflection protocol.) Select to display the Host record size box (located on the WRQ tab of the Transfer Settings dialog box, where it is labelled Record size) on the Transfer dialog box. This is convenient if you change the host record size often, and don't want to go to the Transfer Settings dialog box every time you need to change it.

Auto refresh host directory

Update the host directory display in the Transfer dialog box after you've sent a file. If you perform a large number of transfers, keeping this check box selected is not recommended because of the time it may require (depending on the number of files in the host directory) to query the host and then update this listing.

Display 8.3 filenames as

Select how you want filenames conforming to the DOS 8.3 file naming convention to display under Local in the Transfer dialog box.

This option applies at all times when you use the WRQ/Reflection protocol, and also to Zmodem, XModem, Kermit, and FTP when the File name translation check box is selected on those protocol tabs in the Transfer Settings dialog box.

Download folder

The default folder in which received files should be placed

By default, InfoConnect specifies a folder associated with the current user. However, you can choose a different location. Type the full path, or use the Browse button.