Xmodem Tab (Transfer Settings Dialog Box)

The options are:

Transfer type

When you perform a file transfer, it defaults to the transfer type you select from this list.



To do this



Apply the items under Translation options for ASCII transfers (set from the Translation tab) to be applied to the file contents, as well as any character set translation that you have opted to perform.



Transfer the file contents unchanged.



Have InfoConnect select the transfer type for you.

Character set translation (ASCII)

When you perform an ASCII transfer with this option selected, InfoConnect translates characters based on the settings from the Translation tab of the Transfer Settings dialog box and the Emulation tab of the Terminal Setup dialog box.


There are two variables to be aware of with Xmodem: The error checking (1-byte checksum or 2-byte CRC) and the packet size (128 or 1024 bytes, not including overhead).

With the default Extensions option selected, InfoConnect automatically switches between Xmodem-CRC and Xmodem-1K on receives to match what the other system is sending.