InfoConnect Workspace Settings Dialog Box

Workspace configuration settings affect all terminal session and Web page documents opened in InfoConnect.

NOTE:These settings are applied only after the workspace is closed and reopened.

Trust Center

Specify Trusted Locations

Set up trusted locations (directories that are designated as secure sources for opening files). By default, InfoConnect allows you to open documents only in directories that are specified as trusted locations in the InfoConnect settings.

Set Up Information Privacy

Configure Information Privacy features to protect sensitive data so that it is not displayed on the screen or in productivity features, such as Screen History.

Set Up API and Macro Security

Enable the InfoConnect .NET API, and specify corresponding settings.

Workspace Settings

Configure Workspace Defaults

Configure the actions to perform when the InfoConnect workspace opens or closes and preferences for automatically saving session document files.

Configure Workspace Attributes

Configure options for logging, running remote sessions, and displaying Help. You can also specify the user data directory, in which session documents and other related files are saved.

Configure User Interface

Configure which type of user interface to use (InfoConnect provides four interfaces), its look and feel, and other user interface options.

Configure Centralized Management

If your administrator has provided you with access to a centralized management server, you can set up the workspace to access these sessions and configuration files that are managed on that server.

Configure Usage Data

Choose whether to participate in the Product Experience Improvement program.

InfoConnect Path

Manage Path

View currently configured paths. You can also open the Database Editor to modify existing paths and create new paths.

InfoConnect IHLLAPI

Configure IHLLAPI Settings

Associate IHLLAPI short names with session filenames and set whether to display the workspace when an IHLLAPI application starts a session.