Configure Kerberos from a Settings File

You can configure the Kerberos client from a configuration file or a registry file. If the system administrator added a configuration file to your PC at installation, the Kerberos client is automatically configured the first time you start Kerberos Manager or your Micro Focus product. The configuration file is protected by a checksum that prevents manual changes to the file.

To import the Kerberos settings from a configuration file

  1. On the PC being used to import the file, place a copy of Rsckrb5.xml in a Micro Focus product folder located in either the common application data folder or the user-specific application data folder.

  2. Start Kerberos Manager.

  3. From the Tools menu, choose Import Settings.

To import Kerberos settings from a registry file

  1. Make sure Regedit.exe is installed on your system. This executable is installed by default with the Windows operating system.

  2. Place a copy of the registry entry (*.reg) file on the user's PC.

  3. Double-click the registry entry (*.reg) file to import the settings to the Windows registry.