Configure Auto Complete Dialog Box

The Auto Complete feature recalls what you type, and automatically makes suggestions to help populate fields as it learns common commands that are repeated. By default, typing is saved with the screen location, and suggested when you type at that screen location again.


  • This feature is not available with VT sessions.

  • To use Auto Complete with uppercase only fields, clear the Use case sensitivity for suggestions option. Uppercase only fields are required to support alpha data on Japanese systems. They are also common on AS/400 systems for which 5250 emulation is used.


Use case sensitivity for suggestions

Clear this check box to have Auto Complete ignore case when you are typing in a host field.

To use Auto Complete with uppercase only fields, clear this option.

Make suggestions from all screen data

When selected, Auto Complete makes suggestions based on all user data that has been entered into any field used during the session. Field independent Auto Complete results in many more suggestions in many more screen locations.

Save suggestion data in session file

When selected, Auto Complete "remembers" the data entered during the current session, so that if the session is closed, and then reopened, suggestions will still be available.

Clear suggestions

Clears stored suggestions created from data entered by users. The next typed entry will begin creating a new set of data from which Auto Complete suggestions are made.

Characters typed before suggestions are made

After you type this number of characters, the suggestion pop-up appears.

Maximum number of suggestions

Select the maximum number of items you want Auto Complete to suggest for any word.

Maximum word length to offer suggestions on

Specify the longest word on which to apply Auto Complete. Longer words are ignored by this feature.

Overwrite and Insert

These options determine how Auto Complete behaves when entering a definition into a field with pre-existing data.

Wrap text into next field

If the Auto Complete suggestion pushes existing data past the end of the field, the additional data is added at the beginning of the next available field.

Erase to the end of the field after inserting Auto Complete suggestion

Select to have all other data in the field deleted after the Auto Complete suggestion is entered.

Insert mode

Select to maintain existing field data, with the Auto Complete suggestion inserted at the cursor location.

If the insertion pushes existing data past the end of the field, the data is truncated.

Overwrite mode

Select to overwrite only the data that exists where the Auto Complete suggestion is being placed. Other data in the field will not be affected.

NOTE:Auto Complete does not record typing in hidden-text fields such as passwords, nor does it offer suggestions to complete typing in such fields.