Customize the Ribbon

In the area between the Quick Access Toolbar and the document window is the Ribbon, a dynamic, collapsible device that organizes commands, buttons, and other controls on tabs for each task area.

Whether you're a system administrator or user, you can customize the Ribbon interface to make Reflection more convenient to use. For example, since the Privacy Filters button affects the way data is handled by the productivity features, you could add it to the Productivity group on the Session tab.

Using the UI Designer, you determine which controls to include and what they do, from simple tasks to complex routines. In addition to creating new controls, you can modify existing controls, remove controls you don't use, or relocate controls to other tabs.

You can also use the Reflection VBA or .NET API to dynamically show or hide custom Ribbon controls, enable or disable the controls, and change the actions that are mapped to the controls. (See Dynamically Changing the User Interface in the VBA Guide or the .NET API Guide.)