Configure Clipboard Settings Dialog Box (VT)

Basic Editing Actions
Copy Options

Specify the behavior of copied text using the following options:

Copy Format

Line by line: Copies text on a line by line basis. Carriage returns and line feeds are also copied.

Unformatted data: Copies text as data with no formatting. Carriage returns and line feeds are not copied.

Paragraph for word processing: Copies text formatted for word processing. (Insert a space at the end of each line if required to prevent words from running together.) The selected text is treated as one or more paragraphs. A carriage return and a linefeed are inserted only before a blank line.

Copy Table Method

Copies text in a tabular format that can be opened in spreadsheets. There are two options for setting table columns:

Detect columns (using vertical spaces): Detects columns by analyzing the data and finding spaces that line up vertically on the page.

Replace multiple spaces or tabs: Sets columns by replacing multiple spaces or tabs with a single tab. If there is more than one space between words, the space is changed to a single tab character. Most spreadsheets and word processor tables interpret tab characters as cell separators. A single space remains a space when you copy the data, unless it is immediately followed by a numeric character (0-9, +, -. or.).

Paste Options

Specify the behavior of pasted text using the following options:

Paste buffer size

This setting specifies the size of a paste block, which is the number of characters pasted from the clipboard to the terminal window before a pause occurs. Set the length of the pause with Paste delay.

Paste delay

This setting specifies how many tenths of a second Reflection waits between paste blocks when pasting data from the clipboard into display memory. Set the size of the paste block with Paste buffer size.