Using Micro Focus Management and Security Server

You can use Micro Focus Host Access Management and Security Server to provide increased security to legacy host applications by leveraging the current enterprise authentication infrastructure.


  • A Micro Focus Host Access Management and Security Server, the components of which can be installed on one or more servers available over the network

  • On the administrator's workstation, installation of Reflection Desktop and a browser (with Java enabled)

  • On the user’s workstation, installation of Reflection Desktop

NOTE:Management and Security Server is an upgrade of Reflection Security Gateway server.

This article


Create or Modify a Centrally Managed Session

How to create and manage Reflection sessions using the Management and Security Server Session Manager.

Make Centrally Managed Sessions Available to Users

How to make sessions available to users who have Reflection installed on their workstation. Users can launch these sessions in the same way they launch locally created sessions.

Connect to Hosts using the Security Proxy Add-On

How to set up the Management and Security Server security proxy for client authorization, pass through, end-to-end SSL/TLS, and end-to-end SSH security connections.

Set up an Automated Sign-On for Mainframe Session

Using the Automated Sign-On for Mainframe Add-On to enable users to authenticate to a front-end system using a modern form of authentication (such as a smart card, certificate, LDAP password, Kerberos, etc.) and then be automatically logged on to a z/OS mainframe application.

Set Up Terminal ID Management for Reflection Desktop Sessions

Using the Terminal ID Management Add-On to monitor a pool of resource IDs that a client can use to establish a host session, thereby eliminating the need for administrators to create configurations for every client.

Enable Usage Metering

Using the Reflection Metering Server to track Reflection sessions and determine how many client workstations use the product.